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Various factors can contribute to the development of hypoglycemia in patients with DM: a violation of the diet (inadequate food intake or Azithromycin low calorie intake, lengthening of the intervals between meals) and the presence of indigestion (diarrhea, vomiting, malabsorption), alcohol consumption, taking β-blockers, fatty degeneration of the liver , deterioration of kidney function with the development of chronic renal failure, as well as excessive physical activity.

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The pathogenesis of Zithromax is primarily due to a deterioration in the nutrition of the central nervous system, brain hypoxia, an increase in the tone of the sympathetic-adrenal system and an increase in counterinsulin production.ry hormones. Clinical symptoms are due to dysfunction of the central and autonomic nervous system.

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The following stages of development of Zithromax are distinguished: stage - characterized by irritability, the appearance of hunger, headache. At this stage, the cerebral cortex is involved in the process. These early signs of hypoglycemia are absent in patients receiving human insulins.

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stage - there is an involvement of subcortical-diencephalic formations of the brain and a manifestation of vegetative reactions; drooling, tremors, sweating, double vision, behavioral changes (aggressiveness or fun). Consciousness during this period is not disturbed.

Azithromycin stage is due to the involvement of the midbrain and is accompanied by an increase in muscle tone, the development of tonic-clonic convulsions, reddening of the face, and hypertension. Sometimes there is a blackout of consciousness, accompanied by delusions and hallucinations.

stage (hypoglycemic coma) - characterized by damage to the upper parts of the medulla oblongata with delirium, convulsions and loss of consciousness. stage - associated with damage to the lower parts of the medulla oblongata and is accompanied by deep coma, tachycardia, hypotension, respiratory failure of central origin. A dangerous complication of hypoglycemia is cerebral edema, which is characterized by vomiting, meningeal symptoms, impaired cardiac activity and respiration.

Frequently repeated hypoglycemia contributes to the development of encephalopathy and leaves behind irreversible disorders of the psyche and memory, causing a decrease in intelligence. Based on these considerations, in cases of labile diabetes mellitus, it is sometimes necessary to allow slight hyperglycemia and even minimal glucosuria for some time.

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Of particular danger is hypoglycemia for patients with affected cerebral and coronary vessels, as well as with advanced retinopathy. Proper treatment of diabetes involves maintaining the relationship between the dose of insulin (or hypoglycemic drugs), the quantity, quality of Azithromycin taken, the regimen of its intake and the degree of physical activity.

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If one of the factors changes, the others must be corrected as well. All patients receiving insulin and their close relatives should be aware of the signs of hypoglycemic conditions, know their causes, preventive measures and emergency care. This is especially important for patients who feel the onset of hypoglycemia, which allows them to stop its development in time.
Mild hypoglycemia is usually eliminated by the intake of easily digestible carbohydrates (sugar, honey, sweets, biscuits, jam).
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